Real time AI Conversation Co-pilot on your phone, Crazy or Creepy? by AI Jason

Introduction of Real-time AI Co-pilot Concept: Around March 2023, a concept for a real-time AI conversation co-pilot emerged, designed to assist users in job interviews by providing real-time suggestions based on the conversation.

Technical Challenges and Solutions: Initially, the technology faced significant hurdles due to the slow inference times of speech-to-text and language models. Innovations, such as breaking audio into small chunks for faster processing, and developments in more efficient models, eventually enabled near real-time performance.

Applications Beyond Interviews: The technology’s potential extends beyond job interviews, proving useful in areas like aerospace engineering and social conversations, especially for individuals who struggle with social interactions due to introversion.

Development and Optimization: The development process involved utilizing platforms like Replicate for accessing optimized models and innovative approaches to reduce latency and improve response times, including model optimization and efficient data processing techniques.

Demonstration of Real-time Functionality: A practical demonstration showcased the ability to generate real-time transcriptions and suggestions during a conversation, highlighting the AI co-pilot’s effectiveness in enhancing communication quality and providing valuable assistance in various scenarios.